Morituri is coming.

Minting soon.

But you can now whitelist the First Sin (“Peace”).

(and you may scroll down the page and learn more)


MORITURI’s identity is a mystery. His real name is well known in the art world, so he prefers to be anonymous. He defines himself as “an Apostle of the Apocalypse”. His mission is to recreate the circle of nine Archons who will kick off the end of the world. That’s why MORITURI created this collection: and anyone who buys his NFTs will contribute to the mission of bringing the apocalypse to the world.

MORITURI  is the name behind which an ancient creature is hidden, whose name has been canceled from the minds of men. He is the left arm of the Circle of Forgotten Gods, one of the nine primordial Archons who ruled the earth in the time before time.

The Project.

The Nine Sins are nine different qualities that characterize our society (peace, fulfillment, romantic love …), shown in their perverse aspect. When we become aware of these Nine Sins we release the energy of Nine Creatures whose name, once fully evoked, will trigger the Apocalypse.

The name of each Creature has been split into 111 audio files and associated with a nft. Whenever a full set of 111 nft is minted and a name is complete, a Creature of the Apocalypse is awakened.

Each nft is embedded with 1sec. of an audio recording. The full audio recording is a magical invocation, containing the name of a Creature of the Apocalypse. Each set of 111 nft will contain a name. The name is fractionized into small fragments; each single nft will contain a fraction of 1 sec.

The collection includes 9 artworks, of which 111 nft will be minted, for a total of 999 nft.

The roadmap.

Apocalypse will start in 2022.

  • MAY: Smart contract developing
  • JUNE: Twitter activation 
  • JUNE: Discord activation
  • JULY: Presale whitelist First Sin
  • NOV, 11th Apocalypse Day
    Minting First Sin: “Peace”
  • NOV, 18th Minting 2nd Sin: “Glory”
  • NOV, 25th Minting 3rd Sin: “Labour”
  • DIC, 02nd Minting 4th Sin: “Victory”
  • DIC, 09th Minting 5th Sin: “Wisdom”
  • DIC, 16th Minting 6th Sin: “Justice”
  • DIC, 23th Minting 7th Sin: “Mother Love”
  • DIC, 30th Minting 8th Sin: “Romantic Love”
  • JAN, 06th Minting 9th Sin: “Fulfillment”
  • JAN, 13th: Go on Opensea.

NOV, 11th (Minting Day) is the Apocalypse Day

The aim is to awaken all nine Creatures by calling their names, and unlock their powers. When all NFTs will be minted, and all the Creatures unlocked, then the Apocalypse will begin.

The Nine Sins:


The light at the end of the tunnel, the same whirlwind that drives the moths to death. Thus I feed the war industry, to maintain the utopian state of peace.


The ransom, the revenge. A sap of pure adrenaline that powers the engine of total destruction.


Arbeit Macht frei, it is written at the entrance of the lager where the slaves commit their energy for a few crumbs. Energy that will be absorbed by the engine of total destruction.


In the dispute two poles of same strength collide. Who will capture the energy of the two extremes? Exultation and misfortune, in equivalent measure, energize the engine of total destruction.


History is already written; is there for all to see. But only the wise can draw on the source of omniscience.


How do you do it justice? With repression, obligation, revenge, jail, abuse, mockery. Welcome to the world of justice. And I laugh.

Mother love.

Blood of your blood, you have the matrix that replicates those slaves.

Romantic love.

I will find you in the throbbing guts, and I will uncover your soul wrapped in shit.


The flesh, the possession; I dismember bodies and feed on them until I burst.

Apocalypse Day:



A message from the Apostle of Apocalypse:

Tesaluto Morituri

“The masks dance the litanies of the demons. It is the hymn of hymns that closes a story to open a new one.”